Traditionally, a switch panel is used with fuse protected power groups, where all power cables are returned to the switch panel from all power groups. This presents a number of disadvantages:

  • Limited possible placement of the switch panel 
  • Long power cables, with large installation costs
  • Complicated installation, especially when expansion is needed
  • Complicated service and troubleshooting
  • Monitoring facility and power distribution are two separate products

The InTouch 7 system addresses these drawbacks as follows:

  • The Switch panel uses just one 5mm 3-wire cable that enables placement at any possible location
  • Individual data-controlled power switches can be placed close to the power groups, significantly reducing requirement for power cables
  • InTouch7 is built with individual modules that ensure simple installation including easy installation at system expansion
  • Data controlled modules make service and troubleshooting simpler
  • Fully integrated monitoring and power distribution system with optimal interaction within the entire installation